Maple Street Natives
Phone 729-6857 Location: 7619 Henry Ave, West Melbourne FL 32904

About Maple Street Natives

Maple Street Natives was Brevard County's first all native nursery (est. 1987) and remains the only wholesale Brevard nursery exclusively dedicated to Florida native plants. Maple Streets retail nursery offers over 150 species of Florida native plants as well as heirloom, organic, and local vegetable plants. Our family-owned and operated business offers landscapers and homeowners a range of Central Florida native plants for landscape and wildlife. For over 30 years, we have provided not only the plants, but the education and landscape help needed to get them in the ground. Retail is now owned by our son  Drew Dolan 321-223-6147  His business is partnered with Maple Street Natives. Our landscapes have won awards from the Florida Native Plant Society and accolades from satisfied customers who seek sustainable alternatives that preserve Real Florida. Cool the Earth! Plant Florida Native Trees and Plant Habitat.

Homeowners: We can recommend a variety of Florida Native plant selections suitable for all the different areas of Brevard County. We have specially priced habitat kits that take the guesswork out of what to plant where. So whether you live beachside, in one of the pine flatwoods communities, or just have a little house down the road, we have the natives that will turn your neighbors green with envy. Remember, in addition to their inherent beauty, native plants installed in just one day will offer a lifetime of food, shelter, and nesting area for birds and butterflies.

Plants Grown from Locally Adapted Stock. We strive on giving you the best Florida Native plants. We collect seed from our own stock plants that have thrived in our area for years.

Safe. No pesticides are ever used at our nursery.

Stop Watering. Florida Native Plants only have to be established with care and then do not need watering and fertilizing. We can help you design beds for habitat restoration. These beds can be trimmed and look formal or wild. These areas will attract birds and butterflies while you sit back and enjoy.

Want all Florida Native areas and less grass? Come out and we can help transform lawn so you can enjoy your weekends in your yard without mowing, watering, and using toxic chemicals.

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