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Provide plants in your garden to attract birds, butterflies, moths, bees, and other winged insects, and you'll be supporting the pollination process that feeds us all. And remember, baby butterflies are caterpillars! So don't spray to get rid of caterpillars or you won't have any butterflies. To attract butterflies, you'll need to provide host and nectar plants. Host plants feed the caterpillars and nectar plants feed the adults. Host plants are very important as butterflies lay their eggs ONLY on those certain plants which their caterpillars will eat. However, most adult butterflies nectar on a variety of plants.

The following is a list of just some of the plants we offer for butterfly gardens in East Central Florida. Inquire about a species not listed.

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Botanical Name

Common Name


Use by Butterflies

Asclepias incarnata swamp milkweed pink host plant for monarch and queen
Asclepias perennis white milkweed white host plant for monarch and queen
Aster carolinianus climbing aster purple host for American painted lady
Aster dumosus bushy aster purple host for American painted lady
Bacopa monnieri water hyssop white host for white peacock
Bacopa caroliniana lemon bacopa white host for white peacock
Batis maritima saltwort green host for great southern white
Bidens mitis bidens yellow nectar
Cassia chapmanii cassia yellow host for sulphurs
Cassia ligustrina cassia yellow host for sulphurs
Cirsium horridulum thistle purple nectar, host for painted ladies
Coreopsis leavenworthii tickseed (Florida's state wildflower!) yellow nectar
Coreopsis lanceolata coreopsis yellow nectar
Dyschoriste oblongifola  twinflower  purple  host white peacock
Eryngium yuccifolium  snakeroot  white host for black swallowtail
Eryngium baldwinii no common name purple host for black swallowtail
Flaveria linearis yellowtop yellow nectar
Gaillardia pulchella blanket flower orange nectar
Hamelia patens firebush red nectar
Helenium pinnatifidum aster yellow nectar
Helianthus debilis dune sunflower yellow nectar
Heliotropium angiospernum scorpion tail white nectar
Hibiscus coccineus red star hibiscus red nectar, host for the hairstreak and painted lady
Hibiscus grandiflora hibiscus pink nectar, host for the hairstreak and painted lady
Ipomopsis rubra standing cypress red nectar
Solidago sempervierens Golden blooms summer, fall yellow nectar
Liatris tenufolia blazing star purple nectar
Lippia nodiflora matchhead white nectar, host for buckeye
Lonicera sempervirens coral honeysuckle red nectar
Mimosa strigillosa sunshine mimosa pink nectar
Monarda punctata dotted horsemint purple nectar, great for bees
Passiflora incarnata passion flower purple host for gulf frittillary and zebra longwings
Passiflora suberosa corky stem passionflower green host for gulf frittillary and zebra longwing
Persea borbonia red bay white host for Palamedes swallowtail
Piloblephis rigida pennyroyal purple nectar
Ptilimnium capillaceum mocks bishop weed white host for black swallowtail
Rudbeckia hirta black-eyed susan yellow nectar
Ruellia caroliniensis wild petunia purple host for white peacock and buckeye
Salvia coccinea red sage red nectar
Scuttelaria spp. skullcap purple nectar
Spermolepis divaricata no common name white host for black swallowtail
Sophora tomentosa necklace pod yellow nectar and host for sulphurs
Stachytarpheta jamaicensis native blue porterweed blue nectar
Stokesia laevis Stoke's aster purple nectar
Verbena maritima coastal verbena purple nectar, host for buckeye
Verbena tampensis Tampa vervain purple nectar, host for buckeye
Vernonia gigantea ironweed purple nectar
Viola affinis Florida violet purple host for frittillary
Zanthoxyllum fagara wild lime white host for giant swallowtail


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