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Spring in East Central Florida

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Plant Florida Native Wildflowers and support our pollinators.

We grow our Florida Native Wildflowers from our own seed source.

Save the pollinators. Native Milkweed Available NOW!

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We can make the earth healthier by starting at home.

Reduce or eliminate Grass! Consultation and landscaping available. No more watering, chemicals, mowing. Enjoy the benefits of native habitat. Native Habitat landscapes can be as formal or as wild as you like. Let us show you how. We use all Central Florida seed sources. Our plants adapt to the climate of Brevard County. You will see the difference. Contact the nursery for your personal consultation today.

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Maple Street Natives has propagated over 150 different Florida Native Plant species. Below are just a few that are available.

Trees available: Maple Streets Live Oaks, Southern Red Cedar, American Elm, Black Gum, Hackberry, Bald Cypress, Pignut Hickory, , Willow Bustic, Mahogany, Gumbo Limbo, Hercules Club, Wild Lime, Sweet Acacia, Black Ironwood, Lancewood, Blolly, S. Florida Slash Pines, Jamaica Caper and more.

Shrubs and small Trees available, Blolly, White Indigo Berry, Snowberry, Coral Bean,Swamp Dogwood, Florida Privet, Bastard Indigo, Sea Grape, Walters Viburnum, Spanish Stopper, Simpsons Stopper, Beauty Berry, Wild Coffee, Yaupon Holly, Fiddlewood, White Stopper, Wax Myrtle, Firebush, Necklace Pod, Blueberries, Beach Elder, Jamaica Caper, Red Star Hibiscus (moist or ponds)and more.

Lots of Florida Native Wildflowers and grasses from our own local nursery stock. Red Sage, Blanket Flower, Coreopsis, Tickseed, Adams Needle, Verbena tampensis, Verbena maritima, Adams Needle, Flattop Goldenrod, Seaside goldenrod, Rosinweed, Blazing Star, Ageratina, Dotted Horsemint, Ironweed, Black eyed Susan, Sunshine Mimosa, Pineland Dropseed, Muhly grass, Elliotts Lovegrass, Fakahatchee grass, Purple top grass, and more.

Pond and low wet area plants include water hemlock, pickeral weed, Canna lily, Water Dropwort, Marshmallow, Red Star Hibiscus, Blue Flag Iris.

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Local Wildflower seed packets available. Visit our seed page.

Visit our habitat kits or our news page for other ideas on how to reduce your lawn. Kit pricing available on News page and Habitat kits pages.

Lots of Wildflowers from Maple Street Natives our own LOCAL SEED.

Plant a new tree for every one taken down. The Division of Forestry reports 240 acres a day going down in Florida alone. Join the Florida Native Plant Society and other conservation groups to help educate.

Invasive exotics crowd out the native species thus leaving less natural food and nesting areas for birds. Visit the website for a complete list on invasive exotics you should avoid.

Now that Spring is here enjoy your garden expand beds, get rid of grass (which uses up a lot of our fresh water and does not provide for wildlife) and watch birds and butterflies feed on the abundant food provided by your native plants. ENJOY!

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